7 Waterfalls in Goa


Whenever we think or talk about Goa, the first thing that strikes our mind is the beautiful beaches and famous temples. But Goa is far more than these pristine beaches and sea, the beautiful waterfalls in Goa.

Goa is blessed with the varied landscapes as it is situated in Sahayadri hills and one can find many small and big hills in Goa from where the springs, streams and beautiful waterfalls emerge in Goa.

There are plenty of waterfalls in Goa. To make your trip to the waterfalls in Goa easier we have come up with a list of few famous waterfalls in Goa. Read on to find out which are they:

  1. Netravali Waterfalls
  2. Dudhsagar Waterfalls
  3. Tambdi Surla Water Falls
  4. Harvalem Water Falls
  5. Kesarval Water Falls
  6. Hiverem Water Falls
  7. Kuskem Water Falls

Netravali Waterfalls

The Netravali waterfall in Goa is situated in the Madei wildlife sanctuary and is a wonderful sight to behold.

The whole area is enveloped in lush green forests of Western Ghats and hence the Netravali waterfall looks more beautiful after the monsoons due to its increasing flow of water.

Sprawling over a vast 211 sq kms of protected area of the Madei wildlife sanctuary, the Netravali waterfall is the most enchanting waterfalls in Goa. It is a popular attraction in Goa and is found crowded on the weekends.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar waterfalls in Goa is a pleasant change in the landscape for the destination which is well-known for its sunny beaches and inviting waves.

The Dudhsagar waterfalls in Goa is locates on the Goa – Karnataka border and is located inside the Mollem National Park.

Cascading from the mighty peaks of Western Ghats, the Dudhsagar waterfalls in Goa is one amongst the highest waterfalls in the country and one of the hundred highest waterfalls in the world.

The Dudhsagar waterfalls in Goa are also famous for Dudhsagar trek. Most people arrive at Dudhsagar falls via jeep or private vehicles, the youngsters choose visiting Dudhsagar falls for tracking.

One can also visit the waterfall via train and then start their Dudhsagar trek from there.

There are no entry and exit times for visiting the Dudhsagar waterfalls in Goa or for Dudhsagar trek hence the visitors don’t have to worry about the Dudhsagar fall timings.

Tambdi Surla Water Falls

The green serene environments of  Bhagwan Mahavir National Park flows the majestic Tamdi Surla waterfall.

Although less famous than the Dudhsagar Waterfalls, the Tambdi Surla waterfalls has untouched beauty which has to be seen to be believed.

The Tambdi Surla waterfalls lies inside the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife sanctuary on the border of Goa – Karnataka.

The place is 86 km away from Panjim and you should either have your own vehicle or the hire some transport options in order to reach there.

You can spot some rare snakes like Russel’s  Viper or Common Krait or the most common one the Vine snake.

Trekking amongst the diversity of nature you can feel the musical chirping of the birds and butterflies.

Harvalem Water Falls

For the locals, the Harvalem waterfall is the most popular picnic site in Goa. The park developed near the waterfall allows many hours of relaxation and tranquility.

The pool formed at the bottom of the waterfall is the joy for the swimmers and the ancient Rudreshwar temple is located in the near vicinity of the waterfall.

It is a cascading mass of the gushing white water falling from the height of approximately 50 meters and is also known as Arvalem Waterfalls.

The Harvalem Waterfalls is located Sanquelim and is approximately 30 kms away from Panjim bus stand.

Kesarval Water Falls

Situated in the dense tropical jungles and the betel nut plantations, the Keserval Waterfall is also called as Kesarval Spring and is located in Verna i.e. South Goa. The place is said to have medicinal properties and has healing power.

This is the best place amongst the bathers those come here post monsoon for having dip in waters and one can spend a peaceful time amongst the serene tranquility if the surrounding regions.

The place is ideal for swimming and other water activities and place is crowded with eagles inhabiting the forests of betel of palm plantations.

Hiverem Water Falls

Hiverem Waterfalls is the most popular in Valpoi Goa and the place attracts the nature lovers, the hard core trekkers and the tourists.

The place is frequently visited by the locals and the tourists and stays crowded during the weekends.

Kuskem Water Falls

The Kuskem waterfall cascades down from the lofty mountain making it a way amongst the huge boulders and the large rocks.

It is situated in the Kuskem village and is close to Cotigao wildlife sanctuary and the place is seasonal and is best visited during the monsoons or the post monsoons.

The waterfalls in Goa redefine the charm, beauty and mysticism.  All these waterfalls in Goa elevate your location and give you a mesmerizing experience to a whole new level.