Apartments for Sale in Goa

Apartments for Sale in Goa

Goa is a beautiful small state on the western coast of India and was originally held by the Portuguese and then ceded to India after India obtained independence from the British. But the state has retained much of the charm and is one of the most coveted tourist destinations within India. With the development of Goa with elected governments running the state, real estate development has also kept pace and people who desire to buy property there will find many apartments for sale in Goa. You only need to locate the right local agent who will guide you through the process and make it easier for you to make the investment.

Aspects to Look For While Searching Properties

Most people are not into buying properties every now and then. In fact, a majority may do it just once in a lifetime. So, one has to be aware of the factors to be kept in view while seriously considering a property purchase. Here are a few useful tips:

Builder’s reputation:

When considering buying of an apartment, you will be better off doing a little background check on the promoter/ builder of the project. In particular, you should know if they deliver what they promise and keep to the project completion dates and so on.

Sale-able space vs. living space:

Prices of many apartments are quoted on a per-square-foot basis. But the area for calculation of the price payable by you would be the super area, which will include the corridor spaces and other common utility areas as well. The exact space you get to live in once you buy the apartment will be less in terms of square feet. Enquire and learn about these details before you agree to make the purchase.

Location and Amenities:

Once you have made up your mind to buy an apartment in Goa, you should also be sure where exactly the property is situated and what facilities the apartment complex has on offer. You would also wish to know if various facilities like schools, banks, hospitals and restaurants etc are close by.

Engage a Good Property Consultant

Worldwide, the best practice while buying or selling property is to engage a good property consultant who is familiar with the local conditions and the laws and regulations in force, including the documentation. Goa is no exception to this practice. The property consultant will have the list of apartments for sale in Goa and guide you through the process of buying one.

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