Best scuba diving training center in Goa

Best scuba diving training center in Goa


Scuba diving is an acronym for, “self-contained underwater breathing apparatus” Scuba diving is conducted all around the world and includes sites like

  1. Cape Kri- Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

  2. Barracuda point- Sipadan Island.

  3. Grande Island- Goa, India.

  4. Blue corner – Palau, Micronesia.

  5. Thistlegorm- Egyptian Red Sea.

  6. Shark and Yolanda reef- Egyptian Red sea.

  7. The Yongala- Queensland, Australia.

  8. Mata Ray Night Dive- Kailua Kona, Hawaii.


And many other places around the world.

There is something about Goa that will make you want to come to it repeatedly. The beaches are clean and the water is pristine blue with Golden sand, a sight which one can imagine with their eyes closed. But there is so much to Goa than tranquil beaches. Spending time at a beach is a standard activity, how about spending time beyond and beneath the beaches? There exists another world underneath the ocean and what is better than Scuba diving in Goa, to live the underwater dream and gaze at the submerged life!

If you seek an unmatched experience Scuba diving in Goa is the ideal activity that will open up a gateway into a world that is so unreal that it often surpasses even our wildest imagination! Scuba diving is Goa is not just swimming along with the fishes, there is an unchartered territory waiting for you to explore! It is a marvellous experience that one cannot describe in words!

When scuba diving in Goa, the relics and treasures that you get to unearth range from Pirate ships enclosed with gold to World War 2 relics of planes and ships that sank beneath Poseidon’s realm! Sometimes you even get to see lost civilization in the Arabian Sea in Goa.

Scuba is not a sport for the rich and famous and you don’t need to be a certified PADI instructor to get your pants down and dirty. The fact is Scuba diving is happening right here, right now in Goa! Scuba diving In Goa is done with the help of our PADI instructors with a basic training for 1 hour for kids and adults and it is open to all people Indians and tourists alike!

Our Scuba diving in Goa, starts with a 1 hour pool training session followed by a boat ride to Grande Island where the water is clear and you can swim with fishes. The actual scuba diving is around 20 to 30 mins. You get to see Aquatic life, Coral reefs, fishes and turtles.

If you do scuba diving in Goa we have a wreck of a World War 2 ship SS Rita, also known as the, ” Davey Jones” locker of Illa Grande right here is Goa.

SS Rita was a cargo ship that sank to the bottom of the ocean on 9th March 1943. It lies wrecked and submerged beneath the Arabian Sea. It was attacked by German U-boats that spelled its doom on that faithful night!

Goa has a rich history of sea fearers, and it is estimated that around 600 ship wrecks, Portuguese vessels and Pirate Galleons, alike lie in hiding, waiting for scuba divers like you to come and explore their wrecks nd treasures that lie hidden!

When you do Scuba diving in Goa, apart from the wrecks you also see crystal clear blue aqua depending on the tide and a variety of Coral reefs, Aquatic Flora and Fauna. Reef like Suzy’s coral, Sail Rock, Shelter Cove, St. Georges Reef wreck, Coral Cove, Navy Bay Reef, Light house point reef and Bounty Bay are only a few that have been uncovered over the years.

We are a very experienced company, there is no other company diving in Goa, longer than us! We offer both PADI and SSI certifications. We have scuba sessions for beginners and experienced dives for certified divers! We operate according to international standards of Safety, equipment and experience.

Scuba diving should be on everyone’s bucket list. The flora and fauna under the ocean have lots of thrills for adventure seekers who want to experience Scuba diving in Goa. When you Scuba dive in Goa you discover the mysteries of the Aquatic blue ocean. The Scuba diving package that our company offers are easily accessible for our website and have lots of fun in them! Our experienced staff and Scuba instructors will comfortably hold your hand and take you underneath the ocean!

At our company we help you discover scuba diving in Goa with competitive costs! We assure you that the experience will well worth your money! Just seeing the hidden landscapes beneath the sea will wet your appetite! Safety is our topmost priority! We are fully equipped with all the safety gear to make you Scuba diving experience in Goa a great and memorable one!

Our scuba diving lessons are very user friendly. We come across first time divers on a regular basis and have therefore devised our diving programs to suit their wants and needs. A right balance of safety and adventure is maintained at all times! Your diving experience is sure to be filled with loads of fun and you get to spend about an hour with a variety of Aquatic life, Coral reefs and other marine creatures that you have never ever seen before in your life!

After you have completed your Scuba diving in Goa you will surely brag about your Scuba training and diving session of 30 mins to other people and make them envious! We will also share photos and videos with you!

So if you are in Goa and want to explore the ocean underneath, Grand Island is one of the best places to go for Scuba diving in Goa!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your “SCUBA” and spear of adventure and answer the call of the ocean with us! A whole new unexploited world of Poseidon awaits you.