The latest Goa real estate market report shows that there is a remarkable trend of prices dropping on land prices in Goa. This is the right time to make an investment in property in Goa near the beach. Why you must buy property in north goa? The land prices are very competitive and the market is on an upward trend on demand and downward trend on pricing.

Property rates near the beach have always been almost unaffordable for most. But with the changing land prices in Goa, properties on the beach side are become more affordable and are always a good idea to invest in. The beach properties in North Goa are more likely investment opportunities. The return on investment can be very lucrative in investments in property in North Goa.

Whether it is residential plots for sale in North Goa or apartments for sale in North Goa, the falling land prices in Goa offer great opportunities to make in-roads into a lucrative investment domain that can give you excellent returns. You can buy beach properties in North Goa or flats which are for sale in North Goa or even a Portuguese styled house in prime areas of North Goa.

The main areas of interest for investing in property in North Goa are in the coastal stretches of Calangute, Baga, Candolim, Sinquerim, Arpora, Vagator and even the inner areas of Pomburpa, Porvorim, etc.

There are also residential properties for sale in North Goa. These include under construction flats, independent houses, villas, apartments and old houses in North Goa too.

The latest price trends of properties of North Goa, gives a credible indication on where the land prices in Goa are heading. Analysing how the property prices in North Goa are trending is very crucial for the investor to make an informed decision. The maximum benefit must go to the investor and it is important to study the current property trends in Goa frequently.

It is best to buy real estate in Goa while the prices are trending low and sell while  the prices show an upward trend. Prices of property in North Goa vary and currently a one-bedroom studio apartment would be available at around 18-20 Lakhs. It is also advisable to look at the buying property in Goa rules.

A check out on properties with prices advertised so that you can make an informed decision on trending prices of properties for sale in North Goa. The flats for sale in Goa are now available at competitive prices and the best prices are now available at The best residential area in Goa is the North Goa beach belt and there are flats sold in Goa along this best.

The flats sale in Goa mostly has quick buyers and with the market trending low, there is no better time than to make an investment now. The time is right. The trends are in the investor’s favour. It’s time to look to make a beeline for owning a piece of real estate in the best residential areas of Goa – Property in Goa near the beach, especially the North Goa beach belt.

So if you are monitoring the price trend in 2022-23 for apartments in goa, and want to buy this is the right time as property price trends in goa are most favourable.