Siolim a preferred choice for real estate investment in Goa

Siolim a preferred choice for real estate investment in Goa

Real estate in Siolim

Siolim is a village in the bardez taluka and a census town on the central west coast of India, in the north goa district of goa! Siolim is located 7 kms from mapusa. It is located around thebChapora river. There is a bridge over the chapora river, in place of a prior ferry. To siolim’s north lies the quiet village of oxel, green hillocks hedge it towards Assagoa in the south and the east. Camurlim too lies towards its east and in the west flows the chapora river with Morjim and its pine wooded  beach on the northern bank of pernem.

Siolim’s serene location, quiet life and strong economic environment make it an attractive investment destination for investors who are especially looking to but a second home in Goa.

Do you want a home which is away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and close to nature? Then siolim is the place to be!

What more since Siolim is a popular destination among tourists and Indian people, they invest in vacation homes that increases its potential to generate income. Many people also see Siolim as a retirement home destination in Goa!

According to Siolim is Goa’s most popular tourist destinations. In 2017-2018, it attracted 35 thousand tourists of which 5 thousand were foreigners. With its tranquil calm and party tag, Siolim is seen as a prime location for real estate in Goa. It is these very traits that are giving shape to two distinct markets in Siolim. That is why Siolim has become a mega trending real estate hot spot in Goa.

Experts say Siolim has become an investment destination for people looking for a second home and among others NRI’s have shown keen interest in Siolim’s real estate. In recent years Siolim’s real estate market has seen a considerable change in choice of resident puarchase. The growing class of affluents, NRI’s are increasingly investing here due to Siolim’s close proximity to nature. It has become one of the prime destinations for peopke from Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi seeking second homes that offer them much needed space to unwind and pull away from the rumble of the busy metros! Also given the fact that Siolim is perceived as a vacation destination among millenials, the average age of the buyer has come down considerably by a few years in the last decade and therr has been considerable demand from the youth!

Commercial activities:

People who want to live in Siolim want to invest in a 2BHK flat in Siolim because they want easy access to markets, hospitals, clinics and vegetable vendors, food stalls, restaurants and hotels! What makes Siolim special is that temples, churches, schools and colleges are coming up which makes it easier for people with families to stay there! There is also availability of local transportation like buses, pilots, richshaws and taxis for people to travel. The real estate belt in Siolim has transformed in the past 10 years!

Siolim is also close to mapusa market, which is one of the main markets in Goa, it also has the friday market which is put up by locals in Goa. It is also a hot spot because, it is close to places to visit in Goa like Mapuss, Panaji, Calangute, Baga, Anjuna, Chapora river, Thivim railway station and porvorim which are all share a centered location of Siolim. It is also in high demand due to its location because many shops, hotels, malls, shopping centres and restaurants have sprung up and stay open 24/7. Some of the pubs, bars, malls ans markets are located near the Siolim road which are open all throughout the night attracting teenagers and shopoholics alike!

Resisential activities:

If a residential place is costly no one will buy it! The reason why the rates for 2 BHK flats in Siolim are most ideal is that they are cheaper than the rates in Miramar and Panaji which are 30/40 % higher. Real estate companies like 99 acres and magicbricks showed that the per swuare metre rate in Siolim stood at 28,000/ sq mt, where as in Panaji it was 78,265/sq mt in January 2018! This is why compared to Panaji, 2BHK flats in Siolim are cheaper.

Rent Back Facility:

Rent back facility means if you buy a flat of and finance it with an EMI of 20,000/ month. You can take that much of rent as well, so you are not paying a single penny and the EMI is zero! So potential buyers and tourists have the option tobbuyba property and rent it out which is the best thing to do in Siolim at the moment! Tourists coming to Goa for a months stay are willing to take a 2 BHK flat in Siolim for Rs: 22,000/ to 35,000/ month! So you get the best rental in Goa, people buy a flat and rent it out!

Siolim is a prime location, so peopke flock to buy property because of its connectivity and reside here as well. Hence if you buy a 2BHK flat in Siolim and rent it out, you will get assured rent back or guaranteed rent and there is no need to worry about loan or repayment of loan! Hence Siolim is the best investment destination in Goa! It is best for those who want to invest and ideal for those who want to rent and stay because of the facilities available here!

The reason why people want to buy 2BHK flats for sale in Siolim is because it has the best roads, there are lots of shopping malls and centres that have sprung up. It has got the best infrastructure in terms of water, electricity and connectivity and is a famous holiday destination. It is well connected to Mapusa and Panaji and you can visit the famous Chapora fort which is close by and the famous Calangute beach with its water sports activities and Dolphin sight seeing trips. All this while you take the soft breeze of Siolim in the comfort of your 2BHK flat in Siolim. Siolim is also well connected to major cities like Mapusa and Panaji which are major tourist shopping destinations in Goa. Lots of commercial complexes are also coming up and that is why Siolim has become a major destination for commercial and residential activities in Goa.

Invest now if you are looking for a 2 BHK flat in Siolim, Goa!