Things to consider while buying a property near the beach areas

  1. Property Management
  2. Choosing the best Roofs
  3. Proximity to water
  4. Window durability
  5. Outdoor living area
  6. Flood risk
  7. Neighbours

Are you planning to buy a beach house? There are numerous coastal properties in Goa. Finding a beach house should not be a problem, finding the perfect one might require some research and house hunting. Before you begin your search for property in Goa near beach, see to that you have some good understanding of your budget and your needs along with thorough understanding of the financial and the weather related risks involved. You will also require the need of enlisting the qualified realtor having ample experience of buying and selling experience of real estate in the coastal regions. Investing in beach area in Goa is not difficult if you do your homework properly. As you begin with your beach house hunting experience, see to that you keep into consideration the below mentioned tips throughout the home buying process:

Property Management

If the beach house is not your primary home then you might need some sort of property management service in order to take care if your house in your absence. It means there must be someone to coordinate with the pest control services, lease agreements, maintenance needs and landscaping. If your beach house is located in the HOA community, then the HOA might take care of all these needs for you. The fees for all these services can be expensive and must be taken into account whenever you set your budgets for your beach house.

Choosing the best Roofs

Whenever you happen to buy a beach house, do not forget to consider its roof. Due to severe weather conditions, experienced in many coastal areas, the beach roof must undergo wear and tear than the average home. The cost of replacing the roof is more hence it is always better to purchase a beach house with a relatively new roof of the durable and the weather proof materials. You can look for a beach house having a metal roof because these types of roofs are wind resistant.

Proximity to water

The most important thing to consider whenever buying a beach house is its proximity to water. You must also weigh the pros and cons of the waterfront living. Although living in close proximity to water is convenient and gives good resale value, it also increases your flood risks and the insurance rates. If the home is built with the top-notching materials and you can also afford the possible repairs then living in close proximity to water is worth the added maintenance for your family and for you.

Window durability

Whenever buying a beach house, the most important thing to consider is the windows of the house. Choosing a home with durable impact windows protect your investment from the potential wind damage and the wind borne debris during the severe storms and the hurricanes.  If you are planning to buy a beach house without the windows, then it is highly recommended to install them before you move in. These windows will help in protecting your homes and also lower the insurance costs thereby improving the energy efficiency of your home and also decreases the loud noise levels.

Outdoor living area

People tend to buy beach houses in order to enjoy great outdoors. Hence, see to that you assess the outside living space of your beach house. See to that your house has a pool or the outdoor recreational space, a patio or the porch, an oceanfront view or whether the area is crowded or peaceful. See to that you consider the important aspects while buying a beach house.

Flood risk

Along with the wind damage, floods are also responsible for large amount of damage that is caused by the storms or the hurricanes. Due to this reason, you need to consider the flood risk of your house whenever buying the beach house. See to that the home is built with the help of flood resistant materials and also check whether the house is built in a high risk flood zone. Even if the coastal home is not in the high risk flood zone, you need to purchase the flood insurance. You must also consider whether the house is placed on the upward hill or on the slightly elevated slope in order to prevent the floods during the heavy rains.


Whenever looking for the peaceful vacation home, the last thing to be considered is to purchase the property next door to the loud frat house. Make sure you do proper research on the neighbourhood before buying the beach house. Irrespective of the beach house having friendly neighbours willing to keep eye on your house when you are out is also an important consideration.

Congratulations if you have found a beach house and are ready to move in. To find a reliable company for finding a beach house in Goa, then have a look at our website. Best of luck for your home search.