5 Things to consider before buying an old house in goa

5 Things to consider before buying an old house in goa

5 Things to consider before buying an old house in goa

Buying an old house in Goa allows you to live in a stylish and affordable piece of history. It can even bring lots of issues those you are not prepared for.

Although buying an old house is stressful but the task can be made easy if you happen to do proper research before buying an old house in Goa.

What seems like a great deal initially might ultimately cost more than you bargained for. Unfortunately it could also bring a lot of issues for which you might not be prepared for.

There exist many problems to look whenever buying an old house in Goa you must be cognizant of. It always pays to do your research before investing in real estate, particularly when the property in question was built over 50 years ago.

Purchasing an old home has many advantages but it even has its fair share of what ifs those you need to consider. You can find many Goa property for sale by owner.

If you are planning of purchasing an old home there are few things you need to consider whenever you buy an old house in Goa. Read on to find out which are they

  1. The problems found with sills and foundation
  2. Electrical problems
  3. The Roofing issues
  4. The Ungrounded outlets
  5. You may be limited when it comes to renovations

1. The problems found with sills and foundation

The foundation on the old houses might be cracked, sunken, leaning or otherwise damaged and might require repairing.

Whenever you plan of purchasing an old home, the foundation on the older homes must be checked. The whole house sits on the foundation and hence the foundation issues must be addressed for safety and to keep the home livable.

Although all the foundation problems may not be equal but few settlement cracks are normal and safe. Foundation repair is expensive and you need to keep this in mind considering the price of the old house in Goa you wish to buy.

2. Electrical problems

The electrical systems in old houses in Goa were not designed keeping in mind its modern usage.

If you make use of mane electronic gadgets like mobile devices, HVAC Systems, mobile devices, televisions, washers, dryers, dishwashers etc those use lots of electricity. Then you need to make sure that the house you are purchasing meets all your needs.

The most common problems to look for the old houses in Goa is the knob wiring and tube wiring.  Being a home buyer you should know that the knob and the tube systems lack the capacity of handling the power usage in the modern houses.

3. The Roofing issues

Just like everything else in the homes, the roof may have seen better days. You can make out the missing shingles and the moss or the patches of the new shingles those are placed over the old ones.

These are definite signs that you need a roof. Although buying an old house is stressful task, the roofing issue makes it more difficult and daunting.

4. The Ungrounded outlets

Look for the ungrounded outlets when you decide of purchasing a new home.  Check whether they have two or three holes. If the old houses in Goa you are planning to purchase have only two holes it means it is ungrounded.

Hence, you won’t be able to use your devices like flat screen television or computer.

5.  You may be limited when it comes to renovations

Although it not always the case few older houses come with the restrictions in terms of what can be done and cannot be done to them.

It is possible that you might be limited in terms of changes those you make. If you have any renovation techniques in mind then you need to work with the planners before purchasing an old house.

Always do as much research as you can on the property and also enlist the help of property experts in guiding you while purchasing an old house.

The old houses in Goa have more significant problems than the new properties. As long as you do your due diligence, don’t hurry to make a purchase. Although buying an old house is stressful, it does not seem to be stressful when you do a proper research.

You can check on multiple websites online for any Goa property for sale by owner and on just one click you will get a list of some of the best sellers. You can then make a choice based on your requirements.

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