The serene location, quiet life and the strong economic environment makes Goa an attractive investment destination for the investors looking for house for sale in Goa.

Are you planning to own a home that is quiet far from the hustle and bustle of city life and in is close to nature?

Then Goa is the perfect place for your investment and you need to try checking for house for sale in Goa.

Goa is a popular destination amongst the foreign and Indian tourists, people investing in apartments in Goa or for any house for sale in Goa increases the potential of generating the rentals.

People even see Goa as a retirement home and look to invest in apartments in Goa or to buy flats for sale in Goa.

  • Why Goa?
  • Understanding Goa clearly
  • Which part of Goa?
  • Property in North Goa
  • Property in Central Goa
  • Property in South Goa
  • Pros of buying a home

Why Goa?

People visit Goa to distress or rejuvenate yourself as a tourist once or twice in a year.

However, whenever people checkout from the hotel or a resort they think of why not having a permanent address in state?

This is the time when people think of buying any land in Goa for sale, or flats for sale in Goa or house for sale in Goa or any old houses for sale in Goa.

Goa is seen as a prime destination and it is these very traits those are giving shape to the two distinct real estate markets in Goa.

Buying the most ideal house in Goa is not a difficult task. Only you need to have proper idea of property rates and other concerned things.

Understanding Goa clearly

Goa being the smallest state in country is diverse in terms of geography, culture and the way you see and experience Goa.

This little paradise is divided into two districts – North Goa and South Goa. Both North Goa and South Goa are different in their own special way.

  1. North Goa – the place is more popular with the happening beaches, population and party.
  2. Central Goa– this part has more to do with the business, political and educational purpose
  3. South Goa– its serene beaches

Which part of Goa?

Although a tricky question, before going ahead in buying a property in Goa, you must decide the basic thing i.e. which area suits your needs.

Based on that you can then search for  house for sale in Goa, or old houses for sale in Goa especially in the areas you are planning to buy.

The answer to the above question us very straightforward, provided you have clear idea of what interests you in Goa, then buying apartment in Goa or buying any flats for sale in Goa would be easier for you.

Property in North Goa

If the happening crowd and an evening party interest you then you need to narrow down your search in North Goa locality.

However you might require to shell out some of the additional premium money in order to get apartment in Goa or any old houses for sale in Goa.

In North Goa the best party places or the pubs are areas around Calangute, Baga and Anjuna which attracts the maximum crowd.

Property in Central Goa

If you are looking for any old houses for sale or any flats for sale in Goa especially in the central location in Goa than Panaji is the best option being the capital state of Goa.

It is a central hub of the state and the area is well connected with South Goa and North Goa.

Property in South Goa

Whenever you do house hunting in Goa, see to that North Goa is more of investment or the premium markets whereas South Goa is slightly more affordable and is easy on pockets.

This doesn’t mean that South Goa is not attractive.

Pros of buying a home

Buying a house has its own advantages and disadvantages. But one should keep the below mentioned points in mind in order to buying the most ideal house in Goa.

Awesome Environment

Goa has the best environment to the shorelines, there are long extends of the sandy covers along coastline of Goa and well known for the visitor goals whereas the others are untouched by the inhabitation.


Goa still has the impact of Portuguese culture which shows itself in their sustenance and general way of life. Goans are always helpful and helpful.

However, you need to think about your own home in this sunshine state with Goa’s booming real estate market.

It’s the right time to look out for buying the most ideal house in Goa or looking for some of the best apartment in Goa or old houses for sale in Goa, or flats for sale in Goa, or house for sale in Goa.